Aurélie Hervet

Recruitment Consultant

Always one to help, Aurélie originally pursued a Bachelor in Business Management so as to contribute to her family's business. As a true jack-of-all-trades, Aurélie remains eager to learn, which naturally set her on a varied and rich career path.

In fact, her diverse studies and interests led Aurélie to build a career working across many different industries, from hospitality, to humanitarian, fashion, real estate, and now recruitment and HR.

It is Aurélie's underlying love for a greener planet which led her to join Anávo. With a wealth of knowledge of different cultures and areas of sustainability, Aurélie enjoys recruiting talent for companies that together can make this planet a better place to live.


Having difficulty saying 'Aurélie'? Why not try saying "oh really"?

Mary Poppins

Much like Mary Poppins, Aurélie always carries around a seemingly bottomless bag filled with her essentials (and more!) - from food to dancing shoes!

Passionate Patissiere

Aurélie has worked as a French baker, making delicious baguettes & croissants.

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