Dr. Fiona Lin

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Fiona holds a BE and a PhD Degree in Photovoltaics Engineering from the University of New South Wales. With extensive study and research experience in photovoltaic Engineering, Fiona has gained solid understanding in the technical skill set required in this industry as well as the scientific and technical trends in renewable energy development.

Having enjoyed observing and learning about the renewable energy market on the ground, Fiona decided to step out of the lab and start her career as a Research Consultant, with a focus in renewable energy and environmental sectors. Passionate about bringing the best talent assets to her clients, Fiona has now moved into the recruitment sector with a focus on the Solar, Wind and Sustainability industries.

Fiona thoroughly enjoys intercultural communication, and thrives in Anávo's culturally diverse work environment. She’s also passionate about environmental sustainability and making the world a greener place to live in.

Free Spirit

Fiona loves traveling, especially the opportunity to meet new people and experience different cultures.

Innate Builder

From jigsaws to furniture, Fiona has an appreciation for assembling things!

Human GPS

Fiona has an outstanding sense of direction, and seldom gets lost when exploring new places.

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