Ilan Sebban

Senior Recruitment Consultant & Team Leader

With over 15 years of combined experience in both Recruitment and Sales, Ilan is a seasoned Recruitment Leader and Business Development Manager with demonstrated experience across Project Services, Project Engineering and Technology across both French and Australian markets.

Combining strong strategic, operational and problem-solving experience, Ilan has a long track record of managing and delivering successful objectives.

A growing interest and awareness of climate change, sustainability and water security turned Ilan into a true Green energy enthusiast, on a journey to make an impact whilst consistently assisting organisations with their recruitment needs and providing Talent Management and Executive Search best practices.

Fan of the Big Bang

Ilan is passionate about all things black hole and cosmology.

Adores His Furry Friends

Ilan is fond of pets, particularly his bunny, Liby.

Loves to Explore

Ilan enjoys going on hikes in nature with his family.

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