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Renewable Energy Industry: 4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Specialised Recruitment Agency

It’s official, there are now more people working in renewable energy than in fossil fuels.  To be exact, nearly 40 million people work in jobs… Read more »

Andrea Sanz Rodriguez
November 24, 2022

What is Floating Offshore Wind & How Can it Benefit Europe?

While China is leading in offshore wind, Europe is closely leading behind – with 10% of total wind energy capacity within the EU-28 being contributed… Read more »

Martha Silitonga
Martha Silitonga
November 10, 2022

Australia’s 5 Core Challenges For Its Burgeoning Offshore Wind Industry

Offshore wind has been highly successful overseas, with China, Germany and the UK leading the way.  Only last year did the Australian Government introduce the… Read more »

Fiona Lin
October 6, 2022

USA: Smart Cities & Urban Planning

The American dream home of yesterday is slowly disappearing. It is being transformed for the future. The idea of a large house with an equally… Read more »

Linda Nero
September 15, 2022
Energy Crisis illustration

Europe’s Energy Crisis: An Opportunity For a Green Transition

Going green has never been so confusing, especially in Europe.   In one corner we have an impending energy crisis brought upon by the invasion… Read more »

Jan Rieche
August 25, 2022
Recruitment illustration

How to Tailor Your Resume to South Africa’s Renewable Energy Job Market

The South African job market is on the rise. Following a tumultuous pandemic period, which saw the hiring rate decrease by 35% in the latter… Read more »

Ashton Ngwenya
August 11, 2022
Alternative Fuel illustration

The Role Of Eco-Friendly Vehicles Against Climate Change

Climate Change is a serious issue. At the rate we are going, we could lose cities to it.   With Earth’s climate changing, things are… Read more »

Shivang Saxena
July 29, 2022
Plastic Free illustration with Green background

7 Tips For a More Sustainable Office

This month is Plastic Free July!       In honour of that we are going to look at some of the easiest and best… Read more »

Alex Maguire
July 15, 2022
Invest In Energy illustration Navy

Driving Towards A Renewable Future: Australia’s Bioenergy Opportunity

The fact is, we’re running out of time and need to take action. Biofuels could be the answer.    The transport sector is one of… Read more »

Fiona Lin
June 30, 2022