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Jan Rieche

VP of Global Talent Acquisition

Jan heads up our global activities with teams across 4 continents. He has over 15 years of experience in staffing and managing renewable energy, environment, energy efficiency and infrastructure projects.

He has an unrivalled network of contacts within the global energy and engineering markets, having worked with some of the world’s best known renewable energy and infrastructure project developers and equipment manufacturers from Europe, America, Australia and recently Africa.

Being fluent in both German & English, Jan’s cross-cultural profile means he is globally sought after. He has been involved in staffing some of the most important technical and management roles in the Australian renewable energy and energy storage projects.

Currently based out of Sydney, he is deeply passionate about renewable energy (both for business and for private usage). So much so that in 2016 Jan co-founded Spark Club, a Thinktank supporting startup businesses in the Australian Energy industry (covering Generation, Storage, and Management).

Student Life

Jan is in the process of completing a PhD in political / climate change science on top of his huge workload!

Pioneering Passion

Jan loves mountaineering and hiking. He has even won the inaugural 50km Oxfam Trailwalker in Perth in 2015 with the team!

Animal Lover

Jan is passionate about animal welfare and loves taking his dog, Huxley, to work every day.

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