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Our recruiting approach is centered on building long-term, sustainable
relationships and partnerships with our clients and candidates.

Delegate for ease.

We manage the entire process for you: from screening & profiling to shortlisting the right candidates, as well as benchmarking the correct salary. We take care of everything.

Gain exclusive access.

Our database of over 55,000 contacts holds all the major players in the space, giving you exclusive access to the best talent, even those who are not actively job searching.

Receive tailored service.

We listen and take the necessary time to fully understand your goals, values and challenges so as to offer tailored solutions, and match you with top candidates.

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The Polyglot Group

Whether you need to hire one or one hundred people,
make Anávo your first choice for tailored recruitment.

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How We Work

We have carefully crafted and perfected our recruiting process so as to find an ideal balance between quality and time efficiency.
By doing so, we enable your to significantly decrease your risk of poor recruitment, which can be detrimental to your business.

1. Job Profiling

We start by taking the time to understand your employer value proposition, business goals and budget, so as to draft the ideal job description, and advise on the salary package for the role you’re looking to fill.

2. Strategy

Next, we define the overall recruitment strategy together (online vs offline channels), as well as optimise your employer branding communication strategy, so as to ensure you put your best foot forward.

3. Sourcing & Advertising

Using a combination of advertising, network research & customised searches of our own database, we are then able to generate a selection of talent that far exceeds any online service or in-house recruiting team.

4. Interviewing

Once a long list of potential candidates is prepared, we proceed with the interviewing process. Whether conducted virtually or in person, we use behavioural & competency interview techniques to determine ideal fit.

5. Assessing

Candidates that we deem aligned with your business’ values will then perform both skills and psychometric assessments. These are great for retrieving additional objective and unbiased insights on the candidate.

6. Short-Listing

For ease, we then prepare a detailed confidential candidate summary report for your perusal. This gives you the chance to review an already vetted list of candidates to save you time and effort.

7. Final Interviews

Once ready, we then proceed with organising all interviews on your behalf, retrieving and centralising post-interview feedback as well as undertaking progress tracking and monitoring.

8. Negotiations

We continue to assist you with final salary or contract negotiations, draft remuneration packages & letters of offer, as well as undertake 2 to 3 reference checks per successful candidate for your peace of mind.

9. Post-Placement

Because we believe in sustainable recruitment, our service extends well beyond the original placement. This includes undertaking regular follow-ups to check in on both you and the candidate.

Find out the steps involved in our recruitment process:


The Polyglot Group

Success Story: Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is the world’s leading provider of solar micro inverters, energy management & storage systems.

Success Story: Elecnor

Originating from Spain, Elecnor is now a global infrastructure development group, specialising in the renewable energy sector.