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Linda Nero

Principal Talent Acquisition - North America

Linda is passionate about connecting the right talent within exciting roles across different industries. Having previously placed senior and specialist positions for "green companies" in both the Silicon Valley and abroad, Linda brings a wealth of expertise to Anávo and partners with international companies to grow and optimize their human resource operations.

Linda’s psychology and marketing background gives her a unique edge when it comes to her work, allowing her to harness the power of communication and uncover a client’s needs beyond what is being said. As a California native, Linda also speaks Spanish and is well on her way to learning French as well!

She is often described by her colleagues as someone with an exceptional ability to lead others to their full potential, someone of high integrity and enthusiastic about pursuing new knowledge. It is with this desire to continuously learn about new trends and tools which makes Linda a great asset to her clients, made even more so by her life motto: never, never, ever give up.

VenturePad, 1020 B St
San Rafael, CA 94901
United States

Cheese Connoisseur

Linda has a true love of cheese and is even a cheese maker and affineur!

A Love for Words

Linda’s an avid reader of different interest areas and enjoys constantly learning.

Dream Interpreter

Intrigued by dreams, she studies their personal symbology and mythology.

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