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Ashton Ngwenya

Recruitment Manager - Africa

Starting his career in South Africa, Ashton has over 10 years' experience recruiting for local and multinational businesses across the continent.

Working across a range of sectors such as renewable energy and sustainability to name but a few, Ashton’s expertise in talent acquisition has allowed him to successfully recruit mid-level to executive candidates for companies in more than 25 countries in Africa.

Ashton's knowledge of the African continent allows him to provide businesses with valuable industry insights that enhance their decision-making. This, paired with top-notch management skills, make Ashton a one-of-a-kind growth partner.

In fact, throughout his career, Ashton has made it a point to focus on building strong, long-term relationships with his clients in order to watch them grow and thrive over time.

Feel free to contact Ashton in a range of languages. He is fluent in English, Shona, and also speaks some Xhosa.

One With the Car

Ashton likes to play it old school and cannot drive with his shoes on!

Friends For Life

Ashton has been lucky enough to have the same group of friends since kindergarten.

Ashton _ _

Ashton has three first names. Talk about a strong presence!

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